Music: The great escape festival

Calling all artists. Artist Registration for The Great Escape 2018 is now officially open in partnership with Sentric Music. Whether you are a band, singer-songwriter, DJ, collective or duo, it doesn’t matter, we want to hear from you. If you are interested in submitting your act for consideration, all you have to do is apply En savoir plus surMusic: The great escape festival[…]


‘RISING STARS’ Jazz Award, What else??? To make a name for yourself as a jazz musician on the European stage today requires a lot of talent and hard work. It is of equal importance to have an effective marketing and promotional strategy to stand out from the competition and a dynamic presence on the international En savoir plus surRISING STARS JAZZ![…]

MUSIQUE: Développer son projet musical à l’international

Développer son projet musical à l’international Encore une vidéo intéressante que nous avons sélectionné pour vous. Sachez que vous pouvez compter sur notre appui!   Devenez membre pour recevoir les infos, assister aux futurs events et les appuis nécessaires, ayez le réflexe ACFasbl  

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