Rasco, designer artist, member of ACFasbl launches his campaign

RascoJugarap, designer artist, member of ACFasbl launches his international crowdfunding

campaign with kickstarter!


Hello this is Racso J.

After months of working day and night with my team in this project and with so little to non budget, we are so happy to announce that we are finally LIVE in KICKSTARTER for a very limited time. We need your help on bringing this innovative product into the market.

Please take time to watch the Video, We put so much love and time creating it. Learn the story behind this project and also the artisans that are with us through the process of this project. We hope that you also share it to your family and friends who you know would wear these bow ties. We cant do this without you. Pledge now!

By supporting this project, your not only supporting a small business but also the artisans that are behind us in this campaign.

I would really want hear your thoughts about this project.

Keep in touch.

Racso Jugarap


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