A.C.F asbl ARTS,Festival,MUSIQUE Jazz for Peace™ celebrates 20 candles in Nigeria

Jazz for Peace™ celebrates 20 candles in Nigeria

Summer is always a good time for concert. The band of « Jazz for Peace™will play their historic concert at Nigerian National Merit Award house on 9th July 2022. This high event is in partnership with The Values String and The Peace Agenda Summit and under patronage with United Nations that are connected to Israeli, Palestinian and American Jazz Musicians.

Jazz for Peace™ is an American organization that is to unity and peace across cultures through the performance of music.The jazz pianist-vocalist Rick DellaRatta. who created it. The United Nations consider the concept as the « One of the most significant cultural events of our time!« 

Rick DellaRatta is one of the finest Singers/Pianists performing today. His recent Africa/India tour won the Hark Award for outstanding Documentary Project; was included on The Foundation Center’s list of top musician philanthropists with Bono, Elton John, Peter Gabriel, and Sting.Recently, most of them received the 2019 Funvic Europa Cultural Achievement Award in Rome, Italy.

Rick and his group JAZZ FOR PEACE™ have been quoted in numerous publications ranging from USA’s NJ JazzList & LasVegas.com to Africa’s The New Ghanaian as « one of the most significant cultural events of our time! » https://vimeo.com/355947554

Together with Patrick Eteng, the band fostering Youth Empowerment Through Music, an arts project to reconnect youths with music, balancing the mental health of many, especially youngsters, and hopefully, expanding the impact of a stable and peaceful society.

If you are in Nigeria you can attend physically to the concert or by Cybercast Tickets, are available for purchase via https://bit.ly/jazzforpeaceconcert

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